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Our Programs


Science to us in CPLA is more than just a subject, it's a means of creating and sustaining children's curiosity to the endless wonders of the world. This curiosity makes them probe and understand nature and from this understanding springs innovative and sustainable ideas that solves problems that accost us in our daily lives. Science is simply living in CPLA. The Primary Science framework and Secondary Science framework are intertwined to achieve this and blends with internationally acceptable best practices.


Creativity is one of the fulcrum upon which Pearls and Leaders are pivoted for meaningful learning experiences.. Hence art as a subject is seen as a means for minds to be nibbled, nurtured and unleash their creative side. Students will work through three different topics and engage in practical tasks, discussion, group work and homework projects. Each theme is designed to develop a balance of practical skills, knowledge and understanding. Students will experiment with both 2D and 3D formats and explore techniques including painting, printing, collage and sculpture.

Games & Sports

A healthy life is a wealthy living, sports gives life and it's one of the lost traditions of Muslims today. With sports, we refocus leaders minds, assist them in their pursuit and hope through, that some will spring up their careers and create a path for meaningful learning experiences.

Mentoring and Counselling

Crescent Pearls Leadership Academy through its subsidiary Annoor Islamic Centre offers Mentoring and Counseling services for people. This is in recognition of the need to feel the void of emptiness and loneliness that is common in our daily life. With our Counseling services, we hope to improve quality of life of our students, clients and their families. We respond to life- threatening situations, serious conditions and different psychological issues that we face in our daily life. We also provide informal mentoring services for individuals by pacing them into their destined light decreed by Allah ( SWT).

Islamic School (Islamiyyah)

Islamiya section of the school is an afternoon and weekend Arabic and Islamic studies in a formal and conducive environment. Annoor Islamic Centre redefines traditional Islamiya by providing this learning using 21st century skills and pedagogical approaches. The centers aim to create Muslims who love and care for Allah naturally. The center has successfully graduated pupils in Qur'an recitation and basic Arabic in 10 consecutive years.

Holiday Educational Tours

Edutour is an innovative program of Crescent Pearls Leadership Academy where students and parents are taken on an Educational Tourism to places both within and outside Nigeria. The aim is to create global awareness, see themselves as global citizens, understand their role, appreciate diversity, imbibes tolerance and ultimately bring their experience to the local problems with a view of proffering sustainable solutions and become Leaders.

Tech Hub

The technology hub creates a platform for our Leaders to learn and innovate without boundaries using globally recognized technologies. This program provides sessions on general computing, programming, creative design, databases, networking, google tools, microsoft tools among other knowledge areas in the technology sphere.


Internship program in CPLA is a unique feature of our school that aims to expose our Leaders to first hand industrial experience with a view of arming them with the necessary technological, emotional and personal skills needed in their chosen sectors. The program is a weekly program that exposes them to giant industrial leaders as mentors in their growth.

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