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About CPLA

Assalamu Alaykum.

Crescent Pearls Leadership Academy is an Islamic faith-based co-educational boarding and day secondary school that offers a unique and customized curriculum focused on building a complete Muslim child. We are spurred to nurture our pearls into noble global citizens. With a project based learning methodology and faith awareness, students are empowered with a variety of experiences which naturally poise them for leadership. Combining high standards in instruction, and competent instructors, the school strikes a balance that puts it ahead of others. The Academy provides an enabling environment that offers Pearls a holistic learning opportunity which not only addresses western educational learning but also instills core Islamic values, imbibes leadership qualities. All these culminates in the production of a total child that has a full grasp of spiritual growth while balancing their emotional development and intense intellectual development.

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March 10,2021 | 10am
  • Mbora campus

Tilling day

Its a day for sensitizing the leaders on farming.

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