Our Curriculum

Our principle is used to develop a curriculum tailored towards building individuals of high moral values and intellect. We enrich the education of the individual child through the teaching of Qur’an.

Timetable: Monday – Friday | –

From 6-23 Months, we take care of your children while you work.

This program offers a safe and stimulating environment for infants and toddlers.

To encourage children to grow as confident and responsible citizens.

The daily schedule reflects the requirement for rest, feeding, play and hands-on activities.

Timetable >>> Monday – Thursday: 8am – 2pm | Friday: 8am – 1pm

In early years, children consolidate the skills acquired in playgroup to make links between concepts and ideas.

Here learning is hands on and engaging for the children through range of activities like writing, reading, role-play, number-work, sports, Quranic recitation, Arabic and craft.

Timetable >>> Monday – Wednesday: 8am – 3pm | Thursday: 8am – 3:30pm | Friday: 8am – 1pm

In our early primary scheme, focus continues on applying the acquired discipline and skills to take on more challenges in education.

Children are introduced to an ICT based program to deepen their understanding of concepts.

In all spheres pupils are encouraged to maintain high standards in reading, comprehension, age and problem solving.

Our subjects include: Numeracy; Literacy; Science; Grammar; Social Studies; Vocabularies; Knowledge and Understanding of Islam; Physical Developent; Handwriting; Information & Communication Technology; French; Arabic; Creative Development; Phonics; Geography; Qu’ran; Verbal Reasoning; Non-verbal Reasoning; Quantitative Reasoning.

Timetable >>> Monday – Wednesday: 8am – 3pm | Thursday: 8am – 3:30pm | Friday: 8am – 1pm

Our primary pupils are supported in exhibition of independent skills to make meaningful changes and self-development.

Research-based learning is of great priority at this stage to make them independent and ready for the challenges of Secondary School.

At Crescent Pearls, we believe our pupils’ career have already taken off. Crescent Pearls Integrated School is just like home.

At CPIS we are great thinkers. At Crescent Pearls we are great doers, and we love to learn.