Pearls Present Beautifully at the Grand Book Week

The book week is a powerful tool for reiterating the importance of Reading, as the original source of information, and to also help our leaders take hold of leadership and improve their confidence level through READING.

Activities were designed to engage the primary 6 pearls to read to the early years pearls. Parents were invited to role-play and read to pearls. The award-winning political cartoonist and illustrator Mustapha Bulama, and Miss Tolu Ekwe, alongside Abu Mazeedatul Khayr honoured our invitation to share their wealth of knowledge about various topics with our pearls and leaders.

Alhamdulillah! The book week presentation was a colourful event, pearls and leaders came out beautifully in their different costumes to role-play different books. Their plays and demonstration were learning opportunities for them, and had meaningful message and morals.

According to the director of the school, Miss O as she is popularly called, the habit of reading is beginning to dwindle, and she urged parents to help their children cultivate the habit of reading, hence embracing authenticity rather than Imitation. She also encouraged grandparents to bring back the folktale stories, as they remain an essential part of her childhood.

We want to appreciate our honourable guests and judges for gracing our great event, and also our parents, whom we hold in high esteem, for relentlessly taking out time to grace our events.

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