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These Parents’ workshops provide a space where parents and teachers can collaborate and discuss important topics as they relate to the daily lives of their children. These workshops allow for a team-based approach as school staff and parents work together to implement best practices to guide the children in a positive and meaningful direction.

Aims and Objectives

These Parents’ Workshops will help build capacity for parental involvement and provide a space where parents and educators can work together. The focus of this workshop will be on spelling, reading/phonics, and handwriting. The goal of the workshop is to equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources so that they may support their child at home. The workshop is organized in three sessions. Kindly choose the most suitable for you. 

Noted: Parents are allowed to select and indicate any day of their choice in the form below

What You Will Learn

These workshops are designed to help families improve their children’s literacy, provide opportunities for bonding, and foster positive parent-school relationships.

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